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Words that Work

Custom Copywriting and Editing for Writing That Nails It

There are over 470,000 words in the English language. You need just the right ones in just the right combination to really affect your reader.

At Fackler Writing Services, we make sure your message is heard. Whether we provide them or polish them, we put words to work for you (don't worry, we pay fair wages). 

You're more to us than a "gig"... we consider ourselves the newest member of your team. So we customize our processes to suit your method and secure your success.


Meet Your New Team

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Jeannette Fackler

Founder, Lead Copywriter and Editor

I've been a professional reader and writer since the second grade. (Seem late to you? It takes time to perfect a craft) That's over thirty years of working with the printed word. Combine that with seventeen years in pre- and post-sales telecommunications, and what do you get?

You get a copywriter. Someone who understands business and sales, customers and marketing. Someone who knows the power of the printed word, and how to harness it for good (not for evil).

You get an editor. Someone who loves books and the people who write them. Someone who understands your vision and wants to bring it to life.

You get me. I've been a teen pregnancy statistic. I've been a welfare recipient. I've been a whisper away from homelessness. But then I became a college graduate, a communications consultant, a sales engineer. I became a wife, and an adoptive mother. 

The moral of this story? I know how to adapt, how to work hard, and how to excel. These are my true gifts, and as your newest team member, they are at your service.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Whether you need writing or editing, we've got you covered. We're so confident you'll love our services that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.



Communicating Your Brand

  • Composing written copy that reflects you, your company, and your brand

  • Strategic writing to accomplish your business goals, online or printed

    • Website content

    • Blog posts

    • Fundraising letters

    • Customer-facing and B2B 

  • Suggestions for marketing strategy

  • Research of customer segment, relevant keywords/tags

  • Copy Brief, recording brand-specific information used to shape your copy


Developmental Editing

Channeling Your Creativity

  • Partnering to create your masterpiece

  • Higher level guidance prior to and during writing of manuscript

  • Suggestions for overall focus, organization and structure, plot, setting, character development, and more

  • Resources to aid you in your writing efforts

  • Monthly check-ins, if desired, to provide encouragement and assistance when you're stuck

  • Editorial Report, recording high-level needs for your manuscript


Content Editing

Bringing Order to the Chaos

  • Revising content for overall readability 

  • ​Also known as substantive or line editing

  • During or after writing of manuscript 

  • Line-by-line suggestions to clarify meaning, eliminate jargon and repetition, polish language, ensure narrative consistency and smoothness, while maintaining your voice and style.

  • Editorial Report and Style Sheet, recording decisions of style for consistency throughout your writing


Copyediting and Proofreading

Making Your Writing Shine

  • Spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, hyphenation, confused tense, and capitalization correction

  • Application of consistent use of word choice, character traits, historical details, etc.

  • Editorial Report and Style Sheet, recording decisions of style for consistency throughout your writing

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